Since our founding in 1984 in Boston, our firm has grown and evolved into one of the leading global private equity firms in the world. Most of our Managing Directors and team members have worked as strategic consultants advising a large number of companies across a wide range of industries. From this heritage, Bain Capital Private Equity has built upon the experience and ability of its professionals to assess a company’s potential, develop powerful strategies, and implement fundamental change in partnership with great management teams. Bain Capital Private Equity now has nine offices on four continents and has raised eleven global private equity funds, four European funds and three Asian funds.  

Fund Raised Office Opening
  • Bain Capital founded as a Private Equity firm in Boston
  • Fund I raised $37 million
  • Fund II raised $106 million
  • Fund III raised $60 million
  • Fund IV raised $300 million
  • Fund V raised $500 million
  • Fund VI raised $1.2 billion
  • Opening of London office
  • Opening of New York office
  • Fund VII raised $3.1 billion
  • First Europe Fund (VII-E) raised $500 million
  • Opening of Munich office
  • Fund VIII raised $4.1 billion
  • Second Europe Fund (VIII-E) raised €1 billion
  • Opening of Hong Kong office
  • Opening of Shanghai office
  • Opening of Tokyo office
  • Fund IX raised $10 billion
  • First Asia Fund raised $1 billion
  • Fund X raised $11.8 billion
  • Opening of Mumbai office
  • Third Europe Fund (E-III) raised €3.5 billion
  • Second Asia Fund raised $2 billion
  • Fund XI raised $6.5 billion
  • Fourth Europe Fund (E-IV) raised €3.5 billion
  • Third Asia Fund raised $3 billion